Lyrics : RAPPER sh*t

Stage presence awkward as sh*t, mind chaotic
Can't pay attention because these visions so hypnotic
Over here making revisions so it sound less demonic
Metaphors when I'm high end up sounding like nonsense
Typical white rapper, b*t*hin' 'bout my problems
Bet if I go and get paid, it'd f**king solve 'em
Typing to make a buck
Y'all typing to make hoes mad
Get a laugh react and y'all so f**king glad
All that politickin' and talkin' 'bout politicians
Is rad, or should I say funny when coming from Chad

Get it?
Get it?

Toxicity in my vicinity
Useful ability, limited by idiotic masculinity
Compatibility ruined by publicity
Rollin' with it if some sh*t pop off accidentally

We see them chains and sh*t
(...on instagram and all that)
We see those announcements
(Im doing this, I'm doing that...)
We just don't give a f**k
(...outta here with all that bullsh*t)

I'm on my full rapper sh*t tonight
High as f**k, making sure I'm not uptight
Spittin' flames into the crowd like a dragon
Might need medication 'case I'm a basket
Turn to meditation for questions I'm asking
Life speeding up, I need some traction
Marijuana smell, hope the shower mask it
(Why I talk about weed all the time? Haha)

(Rapper sh*t)
(Rapper sh*t)
They only care about us when we're famous
Die right now, tombstone's nameless
(Rapper sh*t)
(Rapper sh*t)
(Rapper sh*t)