Lyrics : Where’d You Go? (Remix)

Will you go the distance?

I'm like "Where'd you go?"

Yeah, no matter where I go I'm not fittin' in, uh
Back in my class they laughed at my tracks since I was a little kid
That had me wantin' to quit, I was all alone 'cause I ain't follow their sh*t
And now, look how ironic it is, 'cause they follow the kid and I ain't even following sh*t
Back in the mix, I'm in the game now
The industry think I'm a gimmick, they laugh at me, it's all the same now
So I'ma clap my hands, a perpetual misfit
Numbers get big, my math skills simplistic
Watch 'em all cry, I'm lowkey sadistic
Blink three times and uh, you must've missed it

I'm like "Where'd you go?" (Ooh, ooh)
I came in this sh*t outta nowhere
Yeah, I didn't mean to scare you, bro (Ooh)
Used to look around, they like "Where he go?"
Now they see me everywhere, they like "There he go"
Uh, back again, every track running laps again (Goddamn)
Same old me with the same old dreams
But I'm never f**kin' thinkin' 'bout the past again