Lyrics : No Deal

Look, yeah
I got them sniffin' at they nose again
They know it's him
The dopest hymns
The dopest pen
All of my quotes avenge
All of my fallen friends
Haven't been regular since
I got irregular senses
Everyone know I'm relentless
Think I'ma turn into Ventus
Gettin' my-
Gettin' my keyblade
The women I relay
They lovin' to eat cake
I put it in replay
I'm choppin' the beat into minerals each day
I got a petite, aye
She wanted the DA
I gave her the d, aye
Could it be my b-day
I open the mail and it gotta be cheesecake
I gotta receive pay
I never be steppin' up out of my line I'm ahead of my time
You takin' time is a waste of my time
Takin' my time is a sacred crime
Criminal killin' 'em venomous rhythm and
Flow that is colder than Ritalin
I do not care 'bout the numbers
I'm only concerned with my count of the dividends
I was just workin' on studyin' frequency I'm 'bout to hit 'em with sibilance
We gotta wait 'til the end of the movie to really realize who the venom is
Codeine I don't sip, aye
That shit liquid heroin it left me with a limp, aye
Stop, took that bitch and left these hoes bent, aye
That's the reason you should never leave her with a pimp, aye
Sent your girl back, damn, left her with a simp, aye
Gas got her floatin' she not up there on a blimp, aye
Up there on a blimp
I came up here on a whim
Now they talk about Quadeca shouldn't f*ck around with him
I've been chilling at the top and you can't touch the f*ckin' rim
Now they say my music's godly all my songs is like a hymn
Any of your music is like a sin
It put me to bed I don't need Vicodin
I get that it's hell to be living a shell, you be typing them L's
I'm the type to win
They talk about politics
Lookin' anonymous
Ain't on the polls so they write me in
Kill tracks they a crime to spin
So I got a court date (cordae), YBN
Freak out when I begin
Trynna get richer than Iron Man
I gotta pull strings like a violin
I do not want things to violent
I used to pull up to the store but I needed some more cause I never had mine to spend
Now I pull up to the store with racks to floor I'm like f*ck it i'm buying it
I just ran into your girl she like hi again
Must think that I'm high again
Has to be something thats wrong in my brain
Can somebody look at the wiring
They say I should get a psychiatrist
But I don't need nothing to quiet this
That brain is the only thing keeping me sane
I guess it's the reason that I exist, yeah

They me I should chill, for real
I tell 'em I'm just trying to get my mills, ayy
They think I need to get up on the pills
That is not the case, Howie tell em no deal, ayy
Ayy, no deal I said no deal
While I pull up in a bat-mobile, ayy
I just tell em no deal
You coppin' all that ice but I know you won't heal, ayy
No deal I said no deal, ayy
While I pull up in a bat-mobile
Yeah, I just tell em no deal
You coppin' all that ice but I know you won't heal, ayy