Lyrics : I Guess I’m Crazy

I can see you without even looking
I can hear you and you don’t have to make a sound
I can feel you without even touching
I am near you even when you are not around

I guess I’m crazy, crazy ‘bout you, boy
I guess I’m crazy, crazy ‘bout you, boy
Guess I’m crazy, yeah, yeah

On a crowded street there is no one
Only you and me if only in my heart
This feeling can’t be beat, loving you is so fun, so fun
A fire burns in me, I don’t need a flame to start it


If I could somehow make you see
Everything you do to me
Maybe then you’d realize
You’re the reason for this look in my eyes
Don’t you wanna hold me
Say you wanna hold me

I belong to you even if you don’t want me
If I’m in love with you, it’s plenty of reason to be alive
No one understands, they say that I’m foolish
They say I should let you go, but you, you are my destiny


Ooh, if somehow I could make you see
(Crazy, crazy about you, boy)
All the things you do to me
Maybe then you’d realize
(Crazy, crazy about you, boy)
That you’re the reason that I’m alive

You can look in my eyes (Crazy)
Maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe you know
(Crazy, crazy about you, boy)
I’m crazy about you, boy
Just one look, just one look, baby
(Crazy, crazy about you, boy)
I guess I’m crazy (Crazy)
(Crazy) {x3}
Sugar, sugar, yeah, yeah, yeah