Lyrics : Flip Da Script

I can't cook a break up just like Benihannas 
I jus hit a lick n sum brand new gabannas
I jus took da Rollie n I dipped it on em
I jus took da script and I flipped it on em
we empty da clip den we flip it on em
I jus f**ked his b*t*h Scottie pippen on em
Prada Gucci n Chanel I b drippin on em
Rock Dior like I'm a Christian pullup demon on em
I jus f**ked dis b*t*h ejaculated dats dat Semen on her
n***a out here flexing and capping ain't even seen no corner
I jus out here steady chasing dat check ain't even seen corona
I jus flooded da neck and flooded da wrist I got Fiji on me
n***a saved dat b*t*h becuz he green dat Luigi on em
n***as out sipping but dat ain't lean Dey ain't even seen no pharmacy
I ain't popped a perc since Lucci died RIP my homie
Playing wit dis sh*t get crucified rip ya homie
Praying wit dat stick forever ride big Bonita on me 
Shells hit his sh*t knocked out his eyes he ain't get no gas
n***a place ya order I pullup jus like da pizza man
Yo pockets outta order I got franklins like Aretha yea
Bad b*t*h frm cross da boarder she don't even speak no English
All white my Diamonds pointers all a n***a rock is Vvs
Blow a 7 right on tv Dey thinking dat it's TBS
100 pounds n a Tp I'm chiefing like an Indian
If I'm outside and Yu see me don't treat me like a pedestrian
All dese rounds n dis demon will turn dis b*t*h to heaven yea
No hand out no leaching I want 20 thousand for feature
Yu not professor Yu r poof Finesser
Yea yea
Rolling I'm feeling Electra I'm n a Tesla
Yea yea
Try to f**k over my people n I'll turn to dexter
Yea yea
Show n tell not talking to much cuz I don't do lectures
Not n a movie and naw I do act but I'm getting extras
Oh oh
I take dat b*t*h n I eat her up whole Hannibal Lecter
Came up broke and now I wanna ball like uncle fester
Ima big bag havin ass n***a
Bad Hoe catcher
King opp stretcher
Hit dey block n den we spend it
Solo dolo riding round wit to glocs n Dey extended
Latest drip we post n pop den next thing Yu kno it's trending
Real deal ain't no gimmicks here
Chain lit like the city fair
Rock Dior got plenary pair
Wig a racc Tae did her hair
5 thousand tittie fair
75 to get her plumped
b*t*h Yu got a rich n***a Yeen f**king wit no chump
She gone suck a lit d**k
I rock big Balenci
50 out da street uh
50 out da kitchen
60 on my wrists
Dat mean I got 2 watches
Never seem to b on time even though I got me 2 clockys
Dey want pop to humble Down I told da b*t*h I'm 2 Kocky
Feel in love wit dat lil bit mind dat lil head was too sloppy
Me and lil bad b*t*h n a Ferrari looking like 2 jockeys
Dey might give me death jus for dat raw I might jus 2Pac it
Sliding n dat maybach me n brooklynn feel like biggie smalls
Gave a n***a a chance I came n tookie got da crips involved
Real money n shady park ima flex it all
Bad Italian b*t*h tryna get her bun like a naked dog
Gotta keep it real watch for da fakes and keep a weapon dog
Got sum sh*t a shoot a 100 rounds a tare ya vest n all
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah