Lyrics : Concrete Roses

Yo ay
Yo yo ay
Yo ay
Uh huh
Yo ay
Yo yo ay PlayThatBoiZay
Yo ay
Yo ay

Love she don't live here no more
I?m from south Florida but my heart is so cold
Young n***a thuggin, stay clutching they pole
Nothing to lose so we snatching out souls
Love she don't live here no more
F**k n***a smoke but he don't want our smoke
Even when I?m lackin my bro got his pole
Smoking on OG, she snorting on blow
Designer my voxers, designer my clothes
U a nosey a** n***a get punched in your nose
Ain't wifin no hoes, cause my last bih chose
Charge it to the game, that just how the sh*t goes
Me and my racks are relationship goals
Blow out her back, that bih curling her toes
Imma rookie in the game but I ball like the pros
Raised in the streets but the concrete grew rose