Lyrics : Point Em Out

(Ouh, backwoods rolled different)
Ayy, ... know what time it is
Look, ayy
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Ah, ayy (Shoot), lil' n***a

I've been trappin' trappin' since I had a beeper n***a (Yah)
When I was ballin' you was sittin' in the bleachers n***a (Yah)
And I can't do these "Hello, nice to meet you" n***as (Yah)
If you run up on me he gon' change ya features n***a (Woo)
Point 'em out, shoot-shoot-shoot-shoot-shoot-shoot
Point 'em out, shoot-shoot-shoot-shoot-shoot-shoot
Point 'em out, who?-who?-who?-who?-who?-who?
Point 'em out, shoot-shoot-shoot-shoot-shoot-shoot
Point 'em out

Which one, big one, he ain't gettin' to it like [?]
He ain't ever ball, like he was on a bench
I was shootin' them tree's like Dwayne (Dwayne)
Trap phone job like who?-who?
His phone off, can't relay (Yah)
Plug just got [?] like every day
So fine, just point I shoot-shoot
Leave these n***as on mute
Money gon' talk like uh-uh
Got married to the money, I do (I do)
Got a lil' baby that's cute (Cute)
Better die before I do it like you (Do it like you)
Can't tell my n***a my sins (n***a my sins)
Gotta leave 'em in the desert like Clue
No this ain't the gram', so stop with the cappin'
Wanna get blamin' and that's not a caption
See his reaction after I trapped him
RIP to him, his name ain't a status
Get hit with the stick, I ain't talkin' Madden
I took his b*t*h, 'cause she love the fashion
I got the drip, you see me splashin'
My n***as lit, you n***as has beens