Lyrics : What It Do

Paul Wall, baby
Statik, Statik, ayy, What it do?
Statik, Statik Selektah and Paul Wall
Statik, Statik and Paul Wall
What it do?
Paul Wall, Statik Selektah, Paul Wall
Statik Selektah, ayy, Statik, ayy
Statik Selektah, ayy, Paul Wall, ayy, Paul Wall, ayy

It's Paul Wall, baby, what that do? (What that do?)
I'm higher than a satellite, how 'bout you? (How 'bout you?)
I should smoke one to the dome, how 'bout two? (How 'bout two?)
Me and Statik set for life like a new tattoo (New tattoo)
The Backwood packed, too, wax, ain't no no glue (Glue)
I bought some land and a house while you were tricking for boo
But now the trick's on you, you a trick and a fool
I'm the shit like a stool, you a number two (Number two)
I'm smoking pre-rolls like they Pall Mall (Pall Mall)
But aw, nah, baby, it's Paul Wall (Paul Wall)
It's quite possible I skeeted in your girlfriend's drawers
And more than likely I'm the reason why she don't wear bras (Don't wear bras)
Your bitch picked me up like a Uber driver (Uber Driver)
Then she went down like a scuba diver (Scuba diver)
I tossed her like some wet clothes in the dryer (Dryer)
Had her singing like the whole choir, Paul Wall, baby

What it do?
Paul Wall
Statik Selektah (What it do?)
Paul Wall, baby, ayy (Paul Wall)
Paul Wall (What it do?)
On that Satellite OG (Paul Wall)
Statik Selektah (What it do?)
Rest in peace, Sean P (Paul Wall), ayy, ayy

Back in NY on my H-Town shit (H-Town shit)
Smoking California with some H-Town sip (H-Town sip)
Muddy, but I never slip, clear that quick (Clear that quick)
I took a dab to the dome, yeah, I cleared that quick (Cleared that quick)
Roll the 'Wood fat, you know that (You know that)
Cadillac insides black, outsides match (Outsides match)
I'm in New York where them pinstripes at (Pinstripes at)
I'm tryna circumvent the import tax (Import tax)
Statik Selektah, no static on the record (Record)
H-Town repper, never panic under pressure (Pressure)
Twenty-five lighters on my dresser (My dresser)
Eyes stay slanted, for the record (For the record)
I'm spotted like a leopard when I crawl slow (Crawl slow)
Gotta wait for 'em to catch up 'cause y'all slow (Y'all slow)
I stretch the leaf out and roll up like a yoga mat (A yoga mat)
Pour it, pour it, I done muddied every single soda pack (Pack)

What it do?
Paul Wall
What it do?
Paul Wall
What it do?
Paul Wall
What it do?
Paul Wall