Lyrics : I HATE THE STAFF (Staff Disstrack)

Wow, I'm back
It took me a lot to figure out how to
Create a new track
That I'm here, I've got the PaRappa beat
Yeah that's right staff
You hate me, I hate YOU
You don't give me the artist colour
*Angry Noises*
I want it, It's so bad, Flex
I'm reading the chat right now, and yes
Yeah, Me I am dude, Who cares
Like... f**kin'..... SQUARE
Pyrox is saying that it's really bad, yeah
Ok, I'm really coming up with lyrics ON THE SPOT
Artist colour is a flex, they say
Oh that's all the price to pay
It's not a flex it's f**kin'...... aaaaa
Let's see
I'm vibin' to this music right now
That's I'll do
Coming up with lyrics on the spot
He's an artist, No artist in the name
No artist colour in the game
Artist colo- Yeah, That's right pyrox
He's spittin' facts in the chat
He's, He's saying stuff like Fat
Yeah, That's right
Bad colour
Bad colour
Uhh, Artist Colour toggled
That's I like to see
sh*t, He just used the artist colour
Pyrox, No, Yes do it, Yes
Good, Gotta type in the chat
"I'm recording right now", Good
And now they know, now they know that I am recording
PaRappa the rap, Over here
Yea, Spit bars right here
I had to stop there
PaRappa The Rapper Froggers Disstrack OMG
I haven't actually dissed the staff yet
Who's online?
f**kin' Half, Halfheart, Half, NOT FULL
*Angry Noises*
The No
Goddamn Alyn, I hate Alyn
Yea, Go back to being Admin in the Clubette server
You're so bad, Yeah
Fat has arrived
Cobalium, Yeah you play Terraria
Death mode, That's right
Megumin, Staff a second time

That's because you just got your license!

No! I don't care PaRappa (Woo Hoo!)
*Random Noises*