Lyrics : Tribute

Amadou Diallo was shot nineteen times
The police fired forty-one shots combined
Mistaken identity, they had to admit it
When they went to trial, all four officers got acquitted
Ahmaud Arbery, his skin made him a target
Two racist white men shot him while he was joggin'
Betty Jones was inside of her house
The day after Christmas when shots rang out
A bullet travelled inside of her home and slaughtered her
No charges were filed against the officer
Cornelius Brown, cops chose to kill
They shot him seven times, he was mentally ill
Dominic Fuller was murdered, it gets stranger
They say he had a gun, all he had was his stapler
Eric Garner, he was a father
But now a martyr, ain't deserve to be slaughtered
His last words, "I can't breathe", moment of silence
The officer who killed him didn't even get indited
Emmett Till, fourteen years old
They claim he flirted with a white woman, how cold
They took off his clothes, called him a nigga
Lynched him and threw him in the Tallahassee river
Freddie Gray had his spinal cord severed
Killed in a police van after arrested
Six officers got charged, this is ridiculous
Two years, four trials, no convictions
George Floyd, three officers kneeled on him
He told 'em he couldn't breathe, they didn't care for him
The country, rioting everywhere for him
Fuck those cops, I have no fear for 'em
Hector Morejon, he was unarmed
The cops shot him dead, he cried for his mom
India Kager, the navy vet
The passenger in the vehicle was a suspect
Her baby in the backseat, the cops started shootin'
The officers were cleared of criminal wrongdoing
Jamar Clark, restraint wasn't enough
They shot him in his head while he was in handcuffs
Khiel Coppin was mentally ill, but
They say he had a gun, all he had was a hairbrush
The cops shot him, a king with the coroner
No charges were filed against the officer
Laquan Mcdonald was jaywalking
They shot him to the ground, murder without a warning
Alleged that he pulled a knife and tried to rush 'em
The video proved they lied, how disgusting
Mike Brown, the suburbs of Ferguson
Allegedly, a cop drove by, he had words wit' him
The officer shot him, he did nothing wrong
Why did he have to kill him? The man was unarmed
Nathaniel Pickett, rest heavenly
He was brutally murdered by a sheriff deputy
Oscar Grant, the world knows his name
He was travellin' and cops grabbed him off the train
Placed him on his knees, laid him on his chest
Then shot him in his back, may he peacefully rest
Philando Castile, traffic stop
He was legally strapped, he informed the cop
The officer got nervous, a murder was committed
Charged with manslaughter but he got acquitted
Quintonio LeGrier called the cops
Three different times, before he got shot
Allegedly, they say he charged at 'em wit' a bat
But since he made the call, it's hard to believe that
Rodney King, they beat him wit' billy clubs
They blame us but the cops are really thugs
The verdict was not guilty, how shifty
That sparked the worst riot seen since the sixties
Sandra Bland, traffic stop
The racial profiling of us has to stop
Three days later, she was hangin' in a cell
They ruled it a suicide, the truth shall prevail
Terrance Franklin was cornered in a basement
He tried to surrender, got executed by hatred
The U stands for the unknown
Who died by racism, their faces weren't shown
Victo Larosa, they thought he had one
But after they killed him, they never found a gun
Walter Scott, the world loves you
The cop said he feared for his life in a scuffle
The video proved he lied, revealed facts
He ran for his life, eight shots in his back
Xavier Rovie, he was ridin' his bike
Point blank rage, they shot him and took his life
Yusef Hawkins was shot down
In 1989, by some racist clowns
Zamiel Crawford was chased to his death
Rammed into a wall, he took his last breath
Zimmerman, I know you think you got away with it
But everyone has karma, yours gon' be my favorite