E.D.I talking:
Yeah one more time, time to get what's ours
Yeah it's been a long road
Your boy still ride in silence uh yeah
Turn me up a little bit more....right
They got us stressed out and overworked
For long hours we put in work
And then they take it all back and call it tax
Ran a smooth hustle on the Latinos and blacks
Even if you're white you know this sh*t ain't really right
Cops killing n***as filling n***as with the hating stripe
One more n***a gone one more cop going home
Not guilty even though it's on a camera phone
World star news cnn.even fox
Just turn on mtv and you won't never see no pac
f**k em we gon keep on thugging, holla, yelling thuglife
A muhf**king made n***a b*t*h you think I luv life
Only love my strap and my Stark
You could handle racks
n***as ain't loyal when this b*t*hes only bring in stress
See me in another life probably be the same
Silent as they come with the n***a nob'
Allergic to lame sh*t
Young Noble:
One foot in the street and another in the rapgame
They ain't believe us till the cash came
They ain't believe us when we said we in the last days
Tryna find some sunshine through the black rain
This is biblical time for the black man
Time to stand up and rise show 'em how we king
This is critical times for the black man
Outlaw for life we riding till the end
Young Noble:
Another day another dollar
I don't count my problem
Am counting all my blessings counting all my dollars
Am an outlaw ridah you know what that means
Failure is not an option got to accomplish all my dreams
Been a leader of my team a valuable piece of the puzzle
Every verse got me preaching the gospel
I don't sugar-coat sh*t, no yeast no nothing
I spit the truth full of matter fact all substance
That's why the street love us they feel like we feel
They hit me and it's like he real like we real
Earn yours lil n***a ain't no free meal
We love been independent we don't want no rap deal
Starring at the world through my rear view real clear
You searching for the truth lil n***a we right here
Starring at the world through my rear view real clear
You searching for the truth lil n***a we right here
You don't's critical right now n***a
You better tighten up, stay sharp, be about your paper hahahaha stay about your muh'f**kin paper n***a, f**k all that other bullsh*t, it don't even matter
Outlaw for life O4L EDIDON YOUNG NOBLE stay riding..............