Lyrics : Sorted

Just feels like down is up, up is down and I don't know what the fucc is going on right now bruh
Ooh Ooh

Riding on tour settle my scores
I got the drip today (?)
Tried to clone me let's try some more
I got the wicked sh*t steady perspiring out of my pores
I'm going the fucc off in my own direction they follow my course
I'm bout to mop 'em with a stick and just call it the chores
Cause I got the keys now to all of the doors
My killers is (?) shoot the fucc up til the speakers distorted

Everything in life feels so distorted
Baby Ouija probably should have been aborted
All this sh*t I'm rapping is important
Walk with me lil' momma you get sorted
Everything in life feels so distorted
Anything I want I can afford it
I don't know why life is full of torment
I jut know I had to get it sorted (I gotta sort it out)

Ooh ooh ooh
Big bankroll can get used to this
Pain and suffering is how I used to live
All I ever knew is feeling uselessness
But somehow I was being used the confusion is
How can I be nothing if I use my gift
Everybody calling me a piece of sh*t
Try to get a grab but both my wrists be slit
Hatchet give me power I unleash the sh*t