Lyrics : Skins



Out of my skin
Let me out of my skin
I want out of my body
Let me out of my skin [x2]

Everything I do feel like a sin
Truly do not know where to begin
Wonder if the drugs have done me in (brain is f**kin' fried)
In the place where losers always win, losers always win
Trapped up in this mothaf**kin skin (mothaf**kin skin)
Wanna cut it open let my soul patrol again (ooh)
Ooh maybe I'm a ghost that hates the corpse that holds it in
I'm convinced this body to let go of oxygen ooh
Crowded room they're talking every time I'm walking in ooh
Body bare the markings tell the story where I've been ooh
You're honor its him, him? I know it was him It's him?
He was walking to wasteland with the demonic grin

Voices take me from my skin
Hate the message of my hymns
Voices take me from my skin
I just wanna start again (time to start again)