Lyrics : Open Wide

Hol up
Hol up hol up hol up
Lets go

Open Wide
I put this pill in yo mouth (yuh)
I put my dicc in yo mouth
What can fit in your mouth
Open Wide
I'm bout to run in yo house
I got that gun in yo house
I put that gun in yo house
Open Wide
I put this pill in yo mouth (yuh)
I put my dicc in yo mouth
What can fix in your mouth
Open Wide
Whole lotta rhyme in my mouth
Gold let that shine in my mouth
I put that ice in my mouth

I got that hatchet on me huh
I got that ratchet on me huh
Fucc is up with you homie the whole world know what's going on with me huh
I just be staccin this cheese made like thirty-thousand in a week
Ouija be off in the mud it seem like he never gon' take off them cleats huh
Ouija be turning it up it seem like that boy never get any sleep
Micheal Kors all on my feet moonwalking 1700 square feet
Rich people talking at me they want advice and they want it from me
I'm just a juggalo warrior I got the juggalos walking with me
That's cause the spirits be talking to me
That's cause the universe talking through me
That's cause my soul is open wide fucc anybody thats hating on me
Open...hold up fucc that they ain't really ready for the hook yet
Bad juggalette b*t*h all on my dicc, tugging on my pants and she tellin me she really wanna succ that
Fucc that I wouldn't be ballin' if I loved that
Run that mouth (?)
Shove that right up ya ass I'm above that
I ain't going anywhere ain't gotta make a comeback
Love that everybody thinking Ima fall off
But I got the molotov b*t*h like I'm all that
Last breaking the contact
Ash we can dissolve that
Now your eyes...your hazel eyes
Your eyes open wide now they huh they open wide
Open wide b*t*h