Lyrics : Discuss Me/ Disgust Me

Run yo mouf
Talking that sh*t (boom)
They discuss me they disgust me

See they discuss me and its disgusting
Yeah they discuss me and its disgusting
Yeah they discuss me and it disgust me
See they yeah discuss me and it disgust me
Now if I cared what they say I would not be here today
I would not be in this room with these here (?)
With this here bad b*t*h for my fuccin family
Get the fucc up out the way
Juggalos come out to play
Hit that yayaya put that ice around my necc
Hit that lalala rep that hatchet with respect
Hit that yayaya then I ran me up a checc
Hit that lalala what you say irrelevant

I got the goop so where should we go
Wherever we want now cause I got the goop
I'm chasing that bag now I can not be slow
So I like Micheal Kors now I keep that on my coat
I keep that on my bacc now keep that on my hoe
She not even a hoe nah she more like my bro
So we drinking champagne now when we go to the store
Ninjas pour champagne out when we visit the store