Lyrics : Snuff

Call me by your name feel like Citizen Kane 2049 blade run like Im Justine in RAW
I get Under the Skin and the Skin I Live in Im the Thing and you the shark in Jaws
Look like Andrei Rublev there’ll be blood so I bled abiding citizen f**k the law
Rosemary gave birth like Noroi we’re cursed and she won't pick up that One missed call

And everyone think they Darko think that they forgetting the S
Feel like Im Ichi the Killer the way I be making a mess
On the Silver Globe Anna hitting me up because Helen possessed
If he talking sh*t in his face like American history X

Come and See Enemy cruelty its too subconcious probably cause shes wearing that Blue Belvet
Heard the Wailing impaling by cannibals won't set me free hope they Oldboy my ex
Like the Raid they want hands b*t*h im in La La Land like the VVitch i put you in a hex
On top the Holy Mountain youre just at the Fountain Hereditary she droppin neck

You say your life a movie yeah Megan is Missing
Leon the professional the way I aim with precision
My eyes are wide shut but I open you up like Excision
And whos James Bond b*t*h im just John Wick on a mission

Portrait of a lady on Fire Walk with me
Enter the Void and move packs to Dark City
Criterion collection we don’t f**k wit Disney
Train spotting but Bruce how we get it so filthy
Killed a Sacred Deer now Im in a Ghost Story
Dance like Suspiria f**k Blades of Glory
f**k the police but Im an engineer so gorey
Think you the Avengers since you just that corny
(you Iron Man but Im Tetsuo don’t get it twisted)
Feel like Tarkovsky
White Ribbon might stop me
Slide through a Glass Darkly
In the Mood for Love

That’s my shawty that’s my little slaughtered vomit doll
I made it out the trap they keep calling me jigsaw
Come to room 237 Paprika I’m in the hall
It’s a Serbian film and I need your eyeball

500 days of summer I only 120 Sodom
Im singing Rocky Horror picture you sing hakuna ma tata
I birthed all of you and now I’m singing “Luke im your father”
And you can skin me alive like I just got cast for Martyrs

Move back
Move back
Bennys video guess who filmed that
Im in the Isle and I ask where you at
Synedcyone f**k wit me and you trashed

I needed you (I needed you) x2
It’s Perfect Blue (The Perfect Blue) x2
Eraserhead you are my baby
Sympathy for vengeance and his lady
Taxi driver but I swear I’m crazy
Ikiru they’d love to hate me