Lyrics : Fear & Death - Chopped & Screwed

This black hole inside my soul
It feeds off me like a troll
Catch me searchin through the cold
For a heart made out of gold
Creatures crawl under my skin
Every night wake up in spins
Everyday I get reborn just to die all over again
If you hate get off my d**k
Leave you bleedin by my stick
Grab your limbs I tear & rip
You see my thirst
Drip off my lip
Youz a pu**y little lame
Terminate you little stains
I want you burnin in flames
Bet you wish you never came

I am fear
I am death
I am the pause between each breath
I am fear
I am death
Buildin my chakra with each step
I am fear
I am death
Resilient b*t*h I wear no vest
I am fear
I am death
I am what the f**k is next