Lyrics : Lude

Hola Daniel!
Em... tuve un sueño en que estábamos mirando a un horizonte Mirando hacia un horizonte y el horizonte nos envolvía 360 grados Mientras comíamos una fruta que olía como el mar
El horizonte era como en luces, pero negativas que absorbían la luz que emanaba...

Yo Ale, it's Daniel
Um... I had this really weird dream last night about a garden sanctuary
Where we were growing sounds and we would harvest some
And eat them at a big dining room table in this greenhouse
And beyond the garden and then just underneath the stars [?] hatched our giants
And we were laughing because their shadows looked like psoriasis
And we would just sit and laugh and be happy knowing they were looking over us
So... yeah, I think we should make a... we should try to make a patch together one day
We can call it "Starlit Psoriasis" and it can sound really hollow and celestial
It should also be really bright and abject
Ok, love you
Peace... I hope you're doing good

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