Lyrics : We Got Em In


We got 'em in (We got 'em in)
Snuck in the club with them thirties, we got 'em in (Yeah, we got 'em in, yeah)
f**k n***as follow my swag, I set the trends (I set the trend, yeah)
Rollin' Backwoods to the face and I'm sipping on Henn' (Sippin' on Henn', yeah)
Drop-top parked outside, I'm hoppin' in (Outside)
Yeah, I got sticks inside ripping off skin (Yeah, they rip)
I'ma keep it a hundred, times got low, I was playin' with a ten (Down bad)
Had to get off some loads, only time I look back when I'm countin' them ends (That's no cap)

Ayy, dead presidents in my shoebox
Damn, that's a lot of skeletons in my closet (Canine)
Crack rock stuffed in his tube sock
Keep it on the block all night 'til the morning ('Til the daytime)
Don't want smoke, got a few Glocks and a few chops
f**k that, we got an armory
When you make it off the block, they want you to stop
Can't, 'cause I'm nowhere near where I'm goin', yeah
Sed got a drop-top parked outside, you know I'm hoppin' in, look
You n***as do a whole lot of pu**y ass sh*t, n***a, where should I begin? Yeah
I ain't f**kin' with them n***as, you don't like 'em, then I hate 'em, know we thuggin' 'til the end, yeah
Still yellin' free Tim, whole body full of ink, he been livin' in the pen, look
One body drop, ain't enough, who next?
I ain't gotta pay sh*t, she gon' drop that neck
Circle smaller than a dot, couple n***as in my gang
Ain't enough room for another set (For real)
I swear to God the Henn' got me floatin' like a bee, Ali
Try me, then he dead in the street, yeah
Henn' got me floatin' like a bee, Ali
But I ain't fightin', b*t*h, you know I keep the heat, it's Peezy