Lyrics : ​im.wet !!

I’m wet
I just put a check, on my neck
Flex, motherf**king flex
Girl, don’t f**king trip
sh*t, she f**k with the set
We go special ed
Shawty bad
Meet us in the back, for an autograph
I’m wet
I just put a check, on my neck
Flex, motherf**king flex
Girl, don’t f**king trip
sh*t, she f**k with the set
We go special ed
Shawty bad
Meet us in the back, for an autograph

Put the f**king cash in the f**king bag
I’ve been dummy sad so don’t take a chance
I’ll make it your last
My outfit doesn’t match but it doesn’t clash
Shawty got a glance
Then she copped a tan then she dropped her mans
Text from my ex, I said what the heck
I said f**king bet
I’m a f**king wreck, I wish I was dead
Ecstasy and Xans, that’s the f**king plan
Till I meet the man, I’ma end it fast !!
Put it in my hands