Lyrics : TSOHH

Now once upon a time in 1970-something
This is before the crack when cats were heavily clubbing
There was a guy named Herc who threw the biggest of jams
Picture a party where people went tripping, just in it to dance
To listen to Bam or like a mix of the band
Not the traditional band, one individual man
And from the flick of their hand, people were getting entranced
Which was just like the indigenous people from the motherland
Brothers were good with their feet, others were good with their speech
So while the music would play, some of us were looking to speak
All in the spirit of fun, never were hearing no gun
All drew near to the drum but soon that era was done

Now Herc’s becoming the man
Many more visit his jams
Plenty more different cats from clubs now listen to Bam
Plus the vision expands, yup, the business, man
Give it its plan, rather to scam for riches again

This is the plan
Let me record your lyricists and
Give ‘em a grand
Not only that, I give you my hand
Get with the scam (*cough*), rather the plan, and you’re the man
Picture the fans, riches and land, living in France

That’s when the lyricist says

From me what do you expect?
All of my words are kind and rooted in self-respect

Cool, and I’m cool with respect
But music is true to the check
Speaking of check, peep it, your check
Keep it in check
There’s more where that came from, provided you change up

The lyricist then replied

Uh uh, you can’t change us

And the lyricists kept their masters and publishing and lived happily ever after…
Nah, that’s not how the story went