Lyrics : The Myth of Eye

What if you found out that I am an illusion, and there was no such thing as O’hene’s music?
What if you stopped in, and I’d never logged in?
Would I live forever in your mind and in your conscience?
Or would I die then, banished to obscurity?
For I am just a messenger, and they will have no more of me
O’hene is a theory, metaphorically naked, the yin and yang with me have an orgy
I am melody and rhythm combined
The folly of elders, the wisdom of swine
The godliest texture I send to your mind
My measures like nectar that drips from the vine
If I am the messiah, my words are the truth
Those guys are just liars, they worship the loot
To all you backsliders with verses and loops
Your profits are dead now, it’s urgent you move
‘cause 18 minus 18 is the symbol
I scribble this riddle on tempos in pencil