Lyrics : Persia


I can do the same drugs
But I can't f**k the same hoes
Ayy, comin' up was dangerous
We was slangin' Drakes like OVO
Look how fast my life changed
Like Ray Mysterio, I flooded out a couple rings
Every time I kill an opp, I'ma buy another chain
Flawless murderer
Steppin' on wood like the prince of Persia

Used to walk with a gun in my drawers
Now I got the world singing my song
If the feds ask me, then not at all
I'ma tell you the truth if I'm wrong
Draco hit Wolverine, 'cause it got a claw
Hey, you
Balenci' wood stepping
Bad b*t*h look like Good Megan
I swapped the gun, think I should of kept it
On my brother, n***a slide when I slide
Call up Fetty Wap, n***a got shot in the eye
I slide with two Draco's like Bonnie and Clyde
Smoking dead n***as, yeah, like Bob Marley died
You don't feel my pain
Draco got five aims
Seen an automatic .9 spraying
Hey, you