Lyrics : Rejoice

To the depths, I've been to the depths
From my last breath to the last check
I do it for the cause, never the effect
Don't let 'em tell you money's better than respect
To the depths, I've been to the depths
From my last breath to the last check
I do it for the cause, never the effect
Just give me my respect, give me my respect

Been a boss since I've been a boss
Paid dues, dues paid bro at any cost
Tossing in the towel, never thought of that
Had to watch all my dreams die, then I brought 'em back
Resurrected, too connected to be disrespected
My enemies so insecure that they're ineffective
Collecting checks after the show's done
Never flashing pistols, still consider me a shogun
I'm all war, West LA 'til they box me up
Or 'til them crooked ASS cops come and lock me up
A free man using free speech
Until they free Mumia and they free Meech
To each his own, and I got mine
First six figures that I saw, I was not signed
Undermined, underground, I was underrated
But if I listened to them, I would have never made it