Lyrics : Top Boy

I'm a real top boy, I don't pretend
Killy killy in the Mercedes Benz
Big bad ting on da [?]
She gon love me off the juice and the blem
Bust down, new season
I made if all off a dealing
Bust down, new season
Let me get a touch, no feelings

Brand new, [?] I got a new chick with it
STK, I got a sweet [?]
Live fast, live long when you seen six figures
Legal or not tell my dawg that's business
Give one to my cousin namedEvans
Sent mill to my bro, just gave him about seven
Real G's need freeing and make heaven
Young Tucks here with di yawdies again
Mac-10 deh ya, we nuh do arguments
ten, I'm a rass it again
That's my dawg in the back, what you mean [?]
Girls in the face and them man still fell off
Big man levels, AMG leathers
Pumpum precious
And we don't pay for them things, man a real life gyalis