Lyrics : Like I Should


I need you more than ever (Yea)
Just wanna see you smile (Just wanna see you smile)
You still deserve much better
Feel free to leave me now

You should find someone to give you love and attention
But my attention's not that good
Just wanna love you like I should
Find someone who complements your confidence
I would
But I wanna love you like I should
My attention’s not that good no my attention's not that good

Curtain's close it’s gettin older, show's over
All those one word texts and all those cold shoulders
I don't know much but I thought I knew you
Thought you loved me for my flaws
I got all these loose screws, I know
Frankenstein, at least I had the time
And now you eating dinner alone
Folding laundry, sweeping up
Cause I'm never at home, I know, I know
You really are my CPR cause you been giving me life
I'll never leave the girl I love for a chick that I like
And I can feel the hesitation when I kiss you goodnight
And I can sense the reservations when I get on a flight
And I can see the separation when we get in a fight
You can't stand me, I guess that don't sit with me right