Lyrics : Children of Yah

I had a dream
Well, more of a story
We were kids
Being raised in a foreign land
It was beautiful
The days were sunny, and the land was vast
The trees were vibrant, and there were children everywhere

We were kids too
And after playing by the creeks we’d go to school
Here we were taught the principles of love
Classes were fun, our teachers were young
And everyone got along fine

But when we graduated
Still kids
We were sent to another land
It seemed to be another planet entirely
This was earth
There, we would find ourselves in the same bodies
In different familes
We were angels, tasked with the mission of bringing light to a darkened world
We knew this when we arrived, but did not understand how hard it Would be
Not yet knowing how dark this world had become

Our guides above hoped that we would not forget what lay deep in our hearts
Or neglect what was buried in our souls
But as we aged
A many of us abandoned what was abundant in our youth
The light that is without end
The love we were tasked to share
Instead we adapted to this world
Not by choice
But nonetheless hardened by it’s systems
We were children of Yah
Now products of society

But our light still remained
Our guides never refrained from reaching out to us
It is only our perspective that veiled the truths they tried to reveal
And this was the state of the world to which we were sent
Children of light
Beiled by our sight
Knowing we are special but never understanding how