Lyrics : Skins

Sing it, bring it, back to your laboratory
While he's in his oratory, glorious like a horror story
The mask is like Jason
He told the place not to let the basket type case in
He could be some kind of wacko
Waitin' for the chance to heat the pipes like a crack ho
He busted in, blessed be the Lord
Who believe any mess they read up on a message board
If so, I got bridges for the low low
Same b*t*h a-go dry snitchin' to the popo
Here, orange peel stogs for the whole tier
Feel like I've been gone over a year, came home to old gear
It was the sh*t when I first scooped it
At least I get to sit out in New York and curse stupid
Plead the fifth, sip wine stiffly
Patiently come up and be spiffy in a jiffy
Gift for the grind, criminal mind shifty cat
Swift with the nine through a fifty nine fifty hat
Well edumacated, he heard it when he meditated
In deep theta, let her hate the creep later
Dedicated cheap skata who keeps data
Say he stay self medicated to sleep later
Side effects is similar to sugar pill
Whoever go next on the mic he put a booger, ill
And made his exit on some calm sh*t
Begged him on the regular for kegs of more vomit