Lyrics : Menace To Society

As we speak, I'm high as f**k right now
The woods got me on stuck right now
I'm stuck right now, I'm Krumped right now
These n***as know what's up right now
That bus stop passed the mill and all these opps
They sick as f**k right now
They tough right now, Glocks up right now
Bullets starts flying, can't duck in time
Like way from the chi, but play with the heat
I'm so addicted, play the mind to the tweaks
Carry the clip with the Glock .23
Got foenem on X nicks, stay with them Gs
Gun got a tatted and that's single Bs
Fronting designer, got ink on my sleeves
Special boy and I'm gone, car K with no keys
High speed chase on the 12, I'm a beast
Can't catch me, I'm two blocks gone already
n***as want to bе like me, but they ain't got bars
Makе me feel like I'm on already
I just put my d**k in her mouth, now she want me to f**k
But I'm gone already
Got a rack full of roach, dropped it off at 8 in the morning
It was gone by 11
Spinning pumps with all pipes
Like a plumber, get wet up
Roc got a drum and the switch came separate
I put the block like it's Tetris
b*t*h suck my d**k while I'm driving out west
Told the lil hoe don't get sh*t on my necklace
Every lil drip from the tip, better catch it
Now she say I'm disrespectful
She was a hoe when I met her on Drexel
Ask all the guys, they'll tell you, I bet you
If he got count, break him down like a fraction
number, I add it
Look at the score and see n***as subtract it
.33 on me like Bernie, that's basket
f**k with my n***as, and sh*t get tragic
sh*t get tragic
First gun I bought was a Smith & a Wesson
This drum that I bought, yeah I got it, I'm flexing
I'm smoking on drop dead Fredeo and a little Jamonie
I'm SuwuK, can't take that from me
f**k T Streetz, Big A, Fathead, Lil Marc, Zeko
b*t*h, f**k Young Money
Everybody 46K cause 46 spray
n***as f**k and leave your shirt all bloody
THF keep 30s on the shelf, everybody make bomb b*t*h
We getting money
Hop on Lakeshore, hop right off
Make a left on Ellis, somebody getting offed
Bus stop gang where them chumps got changed
But they acting like they ain't, n***a stop that talk
I don't pop pills, but I just pop pills
2030, 600, b*t*h just like cougar
b*t*h a lil thick, then I just might scoop her
Get home, cut the lights on just like Future
See how I'm moving with the lasers and the rugers
Put a hole in your medulla, muthaf**ka I'm a shooter
Slide through Jaro, all black Tahoe
Shooting at the squares like an NBA hooper
Weezy had the sco', Raheem was lil bro
I don't give a f**k who with them, somebody gotta go
I only feel better till tears feel better
I ain't gotta cry no more
Six shot Glocks and Smith & Wessons
Kill a opp, send a message
f**k a thot b*t*h cause I ain't stressing
Hella bro, slide your mattress
High off Shondale Gregory
Let's slide on MOB
Face shot, his face on the news
They gon' remember me
G boy, I hope you brought yo vest
These b*t*hes hit yo chest
In these trenches, boy I'm blessed
So don't start no mess
Foenem riding 'round with super soakers
Boy I get you wet
Lil opp b*t*h, her name is Moaka
I think her head the best
Told lil bro to get a lil closer
Hit your head, chest, neck
Poppie juice got me slumped over
Imma rep my set

Smoking that Fred, put my Motor out
Opps calling my phone, know what they calling bout
Check out, check-check-check-check out
You ain't hand me a clip, I'm fresh out
Boom boom boom boom boom, bow!
They say they up, n***a how?
n***as used to be [?] now
Boy I treat us like a opp, shoot him down
On gang, n***as can't never hang with the gang
Six O, that blood the same
Free G Baby, he Insane
Check out them boys that called us
You know my shooters not stalling
They'll go whenever I start them
But I want the smoke regardless
Check out, check out, check out, check out
It's [?], sh*t like that happens