Lyrics : Virion x Sleepyheads- What We Do

Called my number and we were
Talking through the night
It’s really hard to say goodbye
People call us clingy ones
But baby do you care
Nothing matters to carry on

အတားအဆီး များစွာပြည့်နက် လို့နေ
ကျော်လွှားလို့ရတယ် have faith in me..
ငယ်တဲ့အချိန်ပဲ ဒီလိုရူးသွပ်မှုတွေ..

Hold hands, we dance
Then We hug, and we cuddle
PDA’s what we need
We team up, thats what we do …

အတားအဆီး များစွာပြည့်နက် လို့နေ
Always crack some jokes that I
… want to hear
Every now and then I fall in love..
Every sunset and sunrise
I wish to be with you
May be it aint too much to ask…

We would not know what future holds
Tho we keep runnin’ our marathon