Lyrics : Tap In

Ayy, let me hear that ho, Jeff
I get my work from a narco
Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap

Tap in
We get the racks, no chattin'
I get the cash, ain't no cappin'
Stackin', I hid the racks in the mattress
Make it do a backflip
I get the strap and then I attach it
Gang on attack, caught his ass lacking
Keep the fire like a dragon, I be fly like Aladdin
We gon' ride right past him, he not with that action
He just with the actin', two straps start blasting
Thought he was passin' 'til he got in the casket

We up a stick and we hit him up
Only got hit 'cause he didn't wanna give it up
Uh, I turn [?]
Heard he got pounds, wrap him up, put him in the trunk
Know we outside with this sh*t tryna get it up
Young n***a with me get shot, he don't give a f**k
Catch him on tour and get shot in your sprinter bus
We in the coupe, hit the curb and it bended up
I don't got ice, it's just somethin' that's cold
Got racks on [?]
Get to L.A., get to the bows
Bro ship out L.A., ship out the loads

For sure, you already know
VVs two-tone, you know they gon' glow
Woah, woah, woah, woah, woah, woah
Who you talking to like that? Uh
Run it up, run it right back, uh
Hundred somethin' in a light pack, uh
I'm stunting, she like that, uh
Stop fronting, we don't like that, uh
I'm still runnin', I don't never slack
If I spend the money, I'ma get it back