Lyrics : High Key

High key, high key, high key, high key, high
Hey, haha, midwest

I keep it lit
Dress swank all in my face
I feel the base, yeah
I'm with the squad, yeah, we be wylin'
Tear up the place, yeah, ah, belt on my waist, yeah
I think they smell, what that boy cookin', yeah, sheesh, ayy

I might just be on a roll, you know the grind never slow
I gotta bring up my ears, I gotta level to go
I might just kill the scene, they gon' hand your boy an Oscar
I feel like Denzel, I feel like Leonardo
I might just kick up my tennis, big shoutout to my Sensei
And I got all my noblest youngins, they never disappoint like [?] Kitana
There's so much rage, I feel like Nirvana
When I see the crowd, I wanna surf
Hop on the wave, I'll get put in the dirt
Running in place and I still come in first
Hop in the whip and put it in reverse
Runnin' since I hit so many curbs
Swervin' in lane, 45 with that look in my eye, like I bodied a verse
Come bring in a hearse, yeah
D.O.A. be the bit with the E.M.T. on the scene
I step to the line fo' the free throw, and they chant MVP