Lyrics : Marracash – SPORT - I muscoli (English Translation)

This track is superserious, this track is top series
I need to remind you who the f**k I am

I run because time runs, tic-tac
I want to impose myself, diktat, 100.000 euros on an Invicta (Yeah)
Best rapper of life in ITA
I used to deliver snow for the company on a sleigh (Ah)
Yeah, in this game there are fewer females
Even counting many rappers
I’m waiting for your account to grow and then I’m going to put my hands on it
Because now it is not yet an adult (Uh)
Fierce in the ring
I open your face like a jacket with zippers
Can’t you see? My money dances in my pocket, I have a rave in my jeans
She stays over for the night and that’s it, AirBnb*t*h (Ahahah)
And if I call you, run around the thugs
They scrape the scale, like in curling, the accounts are back
“Who let you in?” asks the body, I answer: “Money”
A plug calls his daughter Molly
How ironic (how ironic, bro)
The ghetto celebrates me (celebrates)
Criminals on my telegram, darkness
From the houses with eternity, eggs benedict
I calculate the benefit that I get (that I get)
Who loved me disappeared (yeah)
Who wanted me wrong is guilty
During the match, I score the matchpoint
Your girl is my favorite SPORT