Lyrics : Freestyle Rap Corona Lockdown Style

Drop a lil something for quarantine

Shes in past romantic pics
Shes so cheesy
City of love
Are you dumb
Hes so clingy
Shes suprised shes still breathing
She cannot see me through my phone
Through my phone screen nah dont post
Im on the low 5 foot 10
Im one of them
If i had my greens i would still grow
And i dont mean smoke
I know, my clothes are baggy on the daily (must sing)
Hood goes up she's acting crazy
A man finds out and probably bail him (?)
If i get caught im a bandit
Dont look at me she planned it
Never been caught red handed
Swipe left im gone that standard
Okay i dont fit in, i just fit out
Thats my outfit
I got my hood up and my pants low
Easy access
I got a young face but shes on me
So we love that
We colour blind so you can tell me ive matched my outfit
Can't talk about love cus thats the thing
That had me singing no more grining
Its the bell that kept on ringing
Left me spinning
Fing finish
And im flying a car
Whipping it fast
I met her on mars
Shes the one calling
But im the one talking
Shes getting boring
And its 4 in morning
But guess whose the fool
I dont wanna go outside
Lets go for a drive
Me and the guys
Whipping the slide and right
Calling me up can i get a rise
Only hes five
A friend of a friend
Thats how it'll end a 100%
Depends on the weather i guess
I feel like whether you fall you fall for the best
Theres a spring in my step