Lyrics : No More Parties in LA [Remix]

I had a dream I could buy my way to heaven
When I awoke, I spent that on a necklace
Havin’ the same issues that as Yeezy “The Don” West is
Can’t tell a n***a nothing, he get Kanye reckless
Walkin’ on stages, rattlin’ cages
Know who the best is? Is that is question?
I play the left and right like ambidextrous
Been unaccepted, since in that van in Indiana
As a lil’ man, down to see his family and his grandma
When momma was workin’ and she had to drop me off nana’s to watch me
But they ‘bout to have to watch me on camera
Mutha’f**k a casket, I’ll a Saran another beat
Shed crocodile tears if n***as rappin’ after me
I’ll Sudan him for a ‘B, and have him loggin’ in the sea
You couldn’t f**k with me if I was 5 and you was touchin’ me
Or you was stuck to me, stick the b*t*hes tongue with cutlery
n***as only call me Kendrick when fruit turn money trees
Thank God for me, he made God in me
I’m scribblin’ scriptures, gettin’ me big policies
Indigenous digits triplin’, flippin’ it by 3
Stevie n***as can’t see they ain’t competin’ with a genius
The IQ inside they Brain ain’t even higher than my p*n*s
I mean it, but to believe it I guess you would have to see it
Your b*t*h is religious ‘bout me, pro’ly cuz I made her eat it
My Nina a singer, piercin’ the body anemic
My strange fruit hang in a noose but stay schemin’
Ya’ chain too, I came for the loot
I’m pain bringin’
I got shawties I can’t name
But answer the damn phone, I been calling you all day
And please, baby, no more parties in L.A
Them mollies and coke hit Saudi’s in Pompeii, ayy
I just keep on lovin' you, baby
And there's no one else I know can take your pla-, pla-, pla-

(Please) No more parties in L.A
Please, baby, no more parties in L.A., uh
No more parties in L.A
Please, baby, no more parties in L.A
Please, baby, no more parties in L.A