Lyrics : Badmissiony Freestyle

Living off borrowed time, with mary in my sock
Living off borrowed time but I'm faster than the clock
Clock into work with an "I got a brain contusion" stance
d**k dastardly and muttley if they did the fusion dance
How arrogant can I get?
Where disrespectful at?
Where the p*ssy pu**y pondering that's so neglectful at
With the bliss of the stupid
Missed by the cupid
Arrow set to hit the ways of the benefit of the doubt
Look up to one with a story scold a quitter
Doom taught me not to take the glory gold or glitter
Look up to the history for the older spitter
You can bе colder better and/or bе colder bitter
Take the former advice and never be a biter
Be butter flow man with the snowman word
Go Conan say what no clan heard
And tell ur ppl how the foe that tried to show ran scurred (scared)
Know I am the man I know pandered
For the secret weapon I'm starting to think I need
It's never nah to just maintaining yo standard
f**king move, or your gon be unable to take the lead
That's as honest as it gets
I'm as modest as they come
I speak like an oxymoron
I'm the smartest of the dumb
I'm the dumbest of the free
I'm the calmest of the numb
I'm the coolest of the nice
When my psalm is to the drum
What's a comet to a crumb?
It's the same as u to me
You stay up and study I get written up for truancy
You STILL should mentally prepare for when i gloat this
A bunch of trees in the forest fell when I wrote this
Gunless man pulling triggers you won't ever pull
Does it still exist even if no one heard the gunshot?
If you answered no you probably never heard of doom
Thinking u can rap, ur shock value is that of one watt
Y'all get nothing but the lick like it's our dough
I see gold you see gold when its garbo
Can you even see my loosie I'm Ricky Ricardo
Hold the mic and ur attention like I'm Leonardo
Ur the one that acts, on a boat when it sinks
Coat with axe ur every note and it stinks
Like still ur tunes even the lames hear cruddy
Gotta work harder, same here buddy
Cover ur face
It's easy to pie, 6.28
2 more 2-gram blunts and I'm too straight
When I'm badmissiony
Get out ur matrix...