Lyrics : Funeral

Hello, and Thank You for Coming! My Name is CJ_Edwards and without further ado

Welcome To My Funeral
Everyone inside is looking beautiful!
Except the guy who died, but he’s a loser, so
Grab a f**king chair, Throw your feet up
Try to make yourself at home if possible, I’ll clean up
So, I’d like to start with compliments
Yeah, I’ll drop some in
We had a run in lately, ‘fore he died and it was awesome, man!
We talked about his savings
How he’s broke and always begging, like
Nothing’s f**king changing!

And now he’s back to acting crazy, damn!
He liked to throw his worth off
Said he deserved lots
Told me that if ever wanted anything than I’d have to swerve cops
Serve rocks or something
“I’m nothing without a third job”
And maybe that f**king works
I just prefer to earn my sh*t without attracting heat
‘Cause I’ve been burning all the bridges that I’ve walked, naturally
Like, I deserve this f**king acid that I bask in!
Acting like a pastor, I’ve been preaching! Then watches disasters as they happen! I can’t stahp myself from peeking!
I’m an as*h**e ain’t I?!
And I was never there! I should have been
Now you’re f**king dead! What even killed you?! God damned Pseudofed?!
You f**king junkie. I thought I needed you, but that’s funny
I’m better off alone
Welcome To My Funeral