Lyrics : Letters

{Verse 1} LSP:
I dont Get a Single Letter but i will stop (nope)
Its a life that i chose to have
I hope to get a letter
And have a big fan bruh
I tried to get 1600 fans in the first week and i got none but i didn't let that f**king stop me
You just have to

{Verse 2}
Write at least 1 track with a rap star
I wrote one with King Youth And LX
He changed his name to jay lx
f**k this sh*t
Its been a sh*t life for all of the producers that i have had and i still have 6'5
He didn't want to be famous but i guess he had to be famous

First of all i need a letter
Keep your head up
Dont put that head down
Little tracey
Your a great man and a great friend
You just need a single letter
I dont get one single letter

Cover of the Final Verse Of Kersers Put it back together

Dont forget about dawn before dusk pt 1
Its still coming
Very slowly
We Out