Lyrics : Peachiana

Lovely peaches on the track
Bust down peachiana, bust down

This be burning and itching
Hating a** hoes go back to the kitchen
I'll tell you a secret, promise no snitchin
I beat my baby up cause she was b*t*hin
Mommy give me food, hoe is you kiddin?
I eat out that same toilet that i use to p*ss in
Gave my man chlamydia just from kissin
Oh sh*t hold my purse, think my baby gone missing

Bust down peachiana, bust down

I want to see you eat my coochie out
I got std?s and im proud
Keep your voice down, b*t*h you're too loud

Bust down peachiana bust down
Money moves is what i am all about
Lovely peaches forever, peace im out