Lyrics : Habits

I remember all the days I wished I fit in
Look back and wished I listened
Now it's taxing to be different
I remember all the pain I thought I lived in
And on the cool it's kinda trash how they glorified the ignant
I've been working on my habit of rapping 'bout how I'm rapping
Tryna change my bracket tryna change my understanding
Watch my mouth before they watch me in that wooden onesie
In a jacket that I got in way to early to be comfy
I'm tryna change my rhythm
Learning how I lifted so I can carry me different
I'm tryna reroute my system like I just might pay attention
And hold 'em tight before those arms decide to let me go
Go figure I would traffic all these habits to a metronome

So don't pick up all the late calls
Just wait let 'em end cause I hate y'all, wait
My goals richer but my same watch
Tells the time and I'm tryna just to take charge, yeah
Don't know how to wait it out
But it's all good in the end if I'm still my mommas favorite child
Wanna be famous now-

But it's tragic so I'll wrap up all these habits til I have it
No more speaking matter of factly
That's what people have them teachers for
Life's whooping my ass, I guess I'll read the score
I know my friends have my back, I guess I might have to pass
They'll throw the oop and I'll be gliding like a UFO
Why you ain't shoot that four? (pause)
Word, if we winning guess I should do that more
Know when I'm in then haters'll wish it was them that scored
Cause I'll be winning MVP
Before they realize they the people who I stayed there for-
The city don't care no more

So don't hit me back I'll hit you first
Something new that I'm doing while I'm changing up the music, yeah
You ain't knew it why you ain't say those words
Otherwise join the crowd getting loud going stupid, yeah
And I love it, swear, I need it, mm, they got it, mm, I want it
Oh I know the future's coming so if you really wanna
You can help me break these habits yeah
Something crawling through my skin all these words go through my veins
Like it's magic yeah
Watch me grow a couple inches in the next couple years
This stuff happens yeah
The person that I know that I could be
Is the person that I'll be when I
Kick these habits then