Lyrics : Own Worst Enemy

I need some f**ked up stories for my biography
Rock stars pulling up to my eulogy
And they say, "Rest in peace to the baddest f**king b*t*h
That you'll ever gonna meat," yeah
Always been a real control freak
You will never catch me smoking weed
Maybe I should get high?
At least I know I tried, even if I don't like it

I'm only getting drunk on my birthday
Only getting high on an airplane
The only thing I regret
Is that I don't have enough regrets

I can be my own worst enemy
Maybe that's why I'm in therapy
I'm going crazy
'Cause I never go crazy

I studied hard in school to always get those B's and C's
Even though the doctor told me I got ADD
Maybe I could change the game
Get a tattoo on my face
Wouldn't that sh*t look amazing?