Lyrics : Ugly

Yeah, Tranaanaanatranaatruhnay
Aye, yeah
Shout out my fans, all my players, all these haters man, you know what I'm sayin'

Drivin' my [?] when I came in the back
When I stavevastasenaheaevyba
I never had any stacks, but I made up my bands
n***as be broke, when I chat it be cold
n***as been tryna' be cold when I'm low
I'll be duboyebutibedeyana
But that was the point
Lil Nas in the loo-waters
I was just chillin'
I was in the molly, [?]
Just strippers, all the killers
Mandasapa prolly' blocking
Drop it down to the floor
When she suckin' on my [?]
I just came with the cross
I was plottin' with the NOS
I was stayin' all alone
Man, I just called the laws
n***as ain't goin' long
How many juke, when I be the dowfuready
When I be down for ready
Hawbadylookanjadawhedabakinjodabudan***asangod bein' ready
When they be choppin'
Bag it, I be stupid
But I be the coolest
But I got the haters
n***as be croppin'
I bet all the rappers I be battle-rappin'
I see all these haters
Man he just chillin'
n***as I thought when I tell them my boss, say
n***as be cappin', they think they be playin'
Boy, I was a bum when I was in the street
I will never be in the street
But, n***as all be in the heat
I be's chillin' makin' heats
I was missin' my dad
But he been the hardest, man I'll be the king
Y'all n***as know where I been really from
Y'all n***as thinkin' I'm pretty bum
Y'all n***as thinkin' I'm so dumb
But I'll never kill myself when I be home
I'm in here chillin' whenIbedalayindowninmybed
But I was just sleep
I was just sleep when I was playin' chapcheck
All my n***as, they ain't call the police
They manain't never call the police when I was in the trouble
When I be's havin' funbo'
When I was havin' fun playin' Xbox with my brothers
They be chillin' with my mother
But I be to tell the truth
Umm, I'm just colder
When that b*t*h called us
I be the suthers' when I beat my brother
Man that b*t*h jackin' when I believe my brother
Battle in the bed
n***as wanna come at it to understand
When I be bumpin' Africa
Can I be trullaalla
I was in the bed with the tin and the ten
And the people understand, but the joke
How am I gonna lie, what it do?
With the true
Will I ever be dead
I'm gonna never kill myself
But, aye, f**k the, all the haters
But now you see, yo I'm a dope
When I was dead-whenna-wenna-deow
Some of y'all n***as
Without bein' cool
When I be, n***as think I'm Father Bruce
I do not know
When I be the chilla'
Bih' nan' ain't gon' cool
Man I be goin' Super Saiyan
Man I be goin'
I'm goin'
Man I be chillin'
When I be the feelers
But all of these rappers say I be the chiller

Abenna betta' maaan betta' mann
I'll be the betta' man betta' man
I'll be the betta' man betta' man

n***as they choppin abedda a bag
Manna besobbina stay
It's a-ok but I mess up on the beat
Made that bih' cry
I'm in the back
Checkin' my balls
That b*t*h, she call me on the phone
Now she be text me on the Snapchat
I never had it when I bring it back
Y'all n***as see
Tickle on my ballsack
I'm in the back, I'm makin' counter-'tack
When I was just eat it like a Monstercat
My name be comin' when I chop a cap
In the back of me
When I be stackin me y-