Lyrics : Outside

(We Got London On Da Track)
Ooh, ah

Two broke n***as wanna fight me outside
Fight me outside, wanna fight me outside
So I gotta keep a (bark) tucked on the side
Valet the ride, got your b*t*h in my ride
And she all on me like sh*t to a fly
She said I'm the sh*t, I don't see no lie (where?)
And my b*t*h is a dime, and my Nike size nine
Coulda turned it down but today I got time
This that, flow that, maniac get you black
Ex wanna get back, head game brainiac
It's written in the stars, I don't need to make a wish
Black skittle on the bezel, wrist candy, two hundred racks

Ay, b*t*h I'm in the town, like Ben Affleck
Big patek, b*t*hes waiting at the paddy
Wanna blow me like a lollipop, you can have it
Mmm, she gon' lick the rapper (Ay)

Two b*t*h n***as wanna fight me outside (ay)
Fight me outside, wanna fight me outside (damn)
Cause I keep a bad-ass b*t*h in my ride (yeah)
b*t*h in my ride, got your b*t*h in my ride (skrt)
Two bad b*t*hes wanna meet me outside
Meet me outside, wanna meet me outside (damn)
But I'm wit' my main b*t*h, posted inside
Posted inside, so I can't decide
Ay, when I heard this beat, it's a hit, hit (bop)
Water on my wrist, hear the drip, drip? (splash)
b*t*h say my name like, Candyman (ah)
Tap, tap that pu**y, then I do my dance
Ay, b*t*h I ain't no lil rapper
Hate rapper, fake rapper
I'm a one-take rapper, write my own rap rapper
Black rapper, score rapper, assist rapper
You a half-ass backwards wanna-be rapper