Lyrics : 64 Bars | Red Bull Music

Yeah, let me tell you bout home
It's more than a place I'm from
More than a?place?where you think?I belong
More than a hood that?I rep in my songs
I come from Goodna, a little town unknown
Sitting on the frontline of Ipswich
And if you do your research
Goodna's a town to first rep the 43 district
But don't get it twisted
It's not a place where drilling is normal, where people be urchin
But we hold it down 'cause we come from a place
Where people feel like they don't have purpose
I'm tryna change that, reframe that
Mindset that we won't excel
Society will always hate and always spread sh*t just like Microsoft Excel
But still we prevail
And produce individuals that's climbing the ranks
No matter on the mic, on the field, in the cage
We put up the 4-3 to always give thanks
'Cause it's the place that made us, raised us, saved us
4-3 down to the bone
Tell em' what I'm talking 'bout when I rep it loud
This is more than a place called home
4-3's a lifestyle, and that's something they have to know
It's not just a suburb where I reside
It's the heart I carry everywhere I go
So they have to know that it's more than a place I'm from
It's embedded in my blood and I'm always gonna hold it down till the day that my lifetime's done
I told them I got this
As a young brown man coming up in the world, it's tough
They recognise me, they put me in a factory
And expect me to think that's enough
Well, tell 'em get stuffed
I'll be on the rise till I say it's enough
I come from a town where there's no good luck
We always work hard and we never give up
Even when we feel like that we don't have much
And that's facts, that's why I stand for my community
Always making the most of opportunities
For a greater purpose than you and me
Because it's all for the place I'm from
No jumper on but I raise my hood up
It doesn't matter where I be
I'll always be that young kid coming straight out of Goodna
Man this place
Is where my people live and die
Brother I could never lie
We're all different on this side

But they never knew that
This place is a place where mates soon turn into brothers
This my home, G-Town
I'ma hold it down
For that West-Side 4-3-hundred
They can talk 'bout running the ball
But who's actually out there running?
I give props to our boys Thomas Mikaele and Phillip Sami
And if they wanna throw down with us
Who out there wants to beef with the usos?
They don't know about them 4-3-hands like Ezra James and Paulo Aukuso
See, that's 4-3 excellence
My town stay down, stay proud, that's why we represent
And my people stay messaging
They love how I hold it down, no questioning
I'ma stay down for my home even if this is a place where struggle's known
I'ma let them know that we're gonna roll through repping that 4-3-double-0
'Cause it's G-O-O-D-N-A
Goodna, man, it runs in my DNA
We never had much but still we grind until the day comes when we see that pay
And I never ever sit back, put on for my town, man, I did that
And now I think about the kids, how they coming up
And all I wanna do is give back
See, they know me as Lisi
But I guarantee I never did this all on my own
I owe it to the people who surrounded me
And the place we lived in that always kept us close
So listen when I say where we're from is not much
But let it be known
I told you, my uso, it's more than a place called home, ha