Lyrics : Robbery

Go, woah, woah, go (b*t*h)
Woah, go (Yeah),go
You ain’t got a million then don’t mention it
You ain’t got a million then don’t mention it
You ain’t got a million then don’t mention it

Who the f**k is that n***a? That’s comedy
n***as ain’t seen a dolla’ but come from me
I can tell she unfaithful, geometry (Brrd)
In the wraith, teachin’ b*t*hes astrology (Stars)
You don’t leap, you gon’ fall, my philosophy (Yeah)
I hate God with no answer, that swallow me
Got me thinkin’ this sh*t sciencetology (Facts)
f**k whoever, I’m still a commodity (f**k em’)
n***as gay, think they practice masagony (Yeah)
That b*t*h broke, couldn’t get a massage from me (True)
n***as flexin’, seem like a fasad to me (Cap)
I just took that boy b*t*h, it’s a robbery (Yeah)
Dope on her ass, just like it’s some pottery (Slatt)
n***as wanna be us, it’s a mockery (Slatt)
When they around, they build up animosity
Get it off of me
Every gun is filled up to capacity (Frrd)
n***as still run they mouth, the audacity (b*t*h)
If I die, I hope my movement impacted me
I’m in their face just like acne (Bee)
She hold my balls with one hand like an athlete
She shallow nuts, say it’s sweet like a Daceri
FN gon’ rip and leave no anatomy
Got the same gang, same gang since Academy
He don’t want smoke, then apologize nationally
Feel like I’m walkin’ on the moon
Finna heat up the summer, I ain’t droppin’ in June
That brand new Tesla, I’m coppin’ it soon
I’m feelin’ like God this afternoon
But I’m about to go God tonight
b*t*h I’m singin’ like it’s Gladis Knight
You n***as really glad it’s night
Cause’ I’m hot on yo’ AVE with that pipe
Boy I’m hot on that ash wood in light
I’m up, don’t even ask for the hype
Yup, I’m good, don’t ask, I’m alright
Yup, I’m good to pass on the right
Yup, I’m good to pass up the light

How the f**k is y’all feelin’ this evening
Only want what’s on top like a plate full of seasoning
He brought a knife to a gun fight?
Oh man, he’s a Medieval teen
Go through the flame with Kenivl teams

[Open Instrumental]