Lyrics : Richie Rich*

Lyrics From Snippet

Unh, pu**y, pu**y
Muf**ka' hard as f**k, man
(30 you a fool for this one)
(30, you a motherf**kin’ fool, n***a)

30 did it again, so I had to go rip it
Write it down, spit it, I had to refix
Hydraulics on the whip when we lift it
She off the lick, so she can't wait to lick it, unh, oh
Yeah, off of the gang
You took a loss, charge it all to the game
Don't f**k with us, homie we go insane
f**kin’ with us, my dogs aim at yo' brain, oh, yeah

Yeah, yeah, flex so hard, Richie Rich my name (Huh)
Never depend, got so much ice, it's still chain gang (Yeah, oh)…