Lyrics : Bang on a pus*y*

Lyrics From Snippet

pu**y, shoot at the pu**y, pu**y
Shoot at the pu**y

Grab the mop and light up an opp
I drop my top, this Bentley my car
I cut the top, on one of his thots
f**k he thought? My brother the plug
Anyone stop, I love em’ a lot, but…

I need one (Need)
I catch me an opp when I see one (I see it)
That ain’t no Glock, that’s a baby gun (b*t*h)
b*t*hes leavin’ breakfast in my mouth (Like what?)
Like Jamaica rum (Yeah)
You don’t make her c*m, she fakin’ em’ (She fake)
Only time I get close to a b*t*h (Is when?)
Is in the bed when I’m breakin’ em’
He say he gon’ pop me, whеn he see me
That’s prolly a lie, thе problems prolly over pu**y (Yeah)
Flight to Denver for Boat, not the rookies
Bang on a pu**y, bang on a pu**y, bang…