Lyrics : Gyalis

I see her
She came with her n***a
But she g'on slide right to my side I know
She pulled up with her friends
Then we skurt off in the Benz, oh
Took her back to my crib and I regret it
Cuz she tryna

Fake like she asleep
Swear she tried to stay the whole week
I'm like "Oh, nah, she gotta go"
Ask me her name I swear I don't even f**kin' know
They wanna know why di gyal dem deh pon me
Dem eye green dеm mind just set pon mi
They wanna know why dem lovе him off so much
Like what is the reason
Mmmm it's just the vibe I'm that guy
She put her legs in the sky whenever I
Pull up, she got her clothes off from the walk in
She won't waste no time
She don't want nobody else, I know
But I can't be what she wants
They all have the same story
They all want me to themselves
But I'm a gyalis
The city is my palace
What imma do?
Cuz I want she and she and she
And they love dem some me
I ain't the n***a they g'on say bye to
I ain't the n***a you gotta lie to
I ain't the n***a that you could trust on speaker when you wit' ya people
Cuz you know the timing I'm on
I want she and she and she
And they love dem some me
I can't even speak
To all of 'em, so I call her on the FaceTime
She g'on pick up on the first ring
Oouu, I got her wrapped around my damn finger
I will never tell a soul, oh nah, nah
Girl, we grown
Life of a gyalis