Lyrics : Большой Путь Vol.2

I been at your spot so I know where you live
Seen you down the street I was parked in the whip
Ak with the drum so it got a little kick
Ima air it out and make you kiss the cement
b*t*h I'm from the south got a gun where I go
Young Florida boy with a mouth full of gold
Always been solid b*t*h I'm staying 10 toes
All these damn hundreds sh*t my wallet can't fold
Too many bills sh*t my wallet won't crease
Blue face hundreds got the bank like sheesh
She told me that my d**k on fleek
b*t*h I'm a dog mothaf**ker off the leash
Why she calling me at 4 am asking for some d**k?
sh*t I might just give it to her though
I need a b*t*h who gon swallow the meat up
I already hit so I might gotta leave it
Telegram hot I might need to delete it
And all of my scammers they bussin them pieces
All of my shooters they shooting to kill
Pull up and pop you for the thrill
Don't give a f**k about how you feel
You say that you did it I did it for real
Yeah I did it for real
Wet your block and I peel
Got the Glock in the whip
But I keep it concealed
Yeah I'm bussin my pieces
And I'm bussin the steel
Asking who took your credit
b*t*h I'm standing right here

(Е), я пошёл, и все пошли (пошли)
Я не могу их всех просить (а-е)
Громко газом пахнет штиль (а-е)
Быстро высохли мозги (е)
Да, мой блант большой горит
Суки все любят тупить
Не может дать себя забыть (забыть)
Она возьмёт меня за клык (клык)
Мы все реальные OG (OG)
Весь cash летит, на мне LV
Все broke'и ноют, как b*t*h'и (b*t*h'и)
Я не пойму тебя, пойми (а-е)
Им, блять, не нужен мой ID (а-е)
Мои гориллы любят дым (е, е)
3-7-1, мои концы (эй)