Lyrics : Racks on Me/Who is That?*

Lyrics from Snippet

We just got the racks, baby, what you wanna do with it?
We just got the racks, baby, what you wanna do with it?
Running out of bands, I don't got a clue with it
Don't got a clue, clue, clue
We love you, Tecca

I just got the racks, baby, what you wanna do with it?
And we came here, dripped in all black, you don't know who it is
Skirt off in suburbans and the black windows, they like "Who is that?"
And I had to get the Hellcat
Wasting time, can't get back
Came for my racks, out the [?]
He say he want work, you gotta be Nike, 'cause I need a check
Bro came with that MAC and I came with that TEC
He stealin' my sauce, lil' boy, you in debt
Had to go skirt off for the bands
I'm makin' bands, I'm not makin' friends
'Cause most of these n***as, they don't be your mans
I stay with the gang, I don't like friends
All my diamonds shinin'
Your main b*t*h got mileage
Got drip like "Where'd you find it?"
n***as switch when they gettin' money
Money counter, count it up, count it up, beep
I just made forty-thousand in my sleep
Trappin' all day, I be trappin' all week
Shoppin' at Neiman with the racks on me
Yeah, yeah, got the racks on me
I just spent like fifty Gs
We just did an oxy', feelin' oxy' clean
I might just pop a n***a like a bean
Shout out my baby, hi Rocky
be fast, but it's not me
I got the fans in the lobby
They say are you Lil Tecca? No it's not me